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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tim Kaine abandons website making fun of Jerry Kilgore's accent

I'm finally back in the saddle, and I hope to bring my posting up to speed in the next few days.

While I've been gone, the fallout over Tim Kaine's cheap shots has gone nukular. The WaPo was on the story Monday, and Bob Lewis' AP story was picked up by the Chicago Sun-Times, Seattle Times and ABC News.

I'm willing to give the Kaine campaign the benefit of the doubt here. If this is just about debating, then why have they abandoned their snarky webpage? The whole thing was designed to make fun of Mr. Kilgore during his "10 Weeks of Honest Reform" campaign. By my count, we are in the seventh week of the announcements:
  • Week 1: The Nation's Best Teachers Initiative: The "3 R's" - Recruit, Retain & Reward
  • Week 2: Bolstering Our Commitment to Technology and Growth: Virginia Advanced Research Alliance
  • Week 3: Safe From Harm: Furthering the Goal of Eliminating Domestic Violence
  • Week 4: Open, Ethical Government: Promoting Transparency and Electoral Reform
  • Week 5: Transportation for the 21st Century: Keeping People and Commerce Moving
  • Week 6: Accountability in State Government: Establishing an Advocate and Watchdog for the Taxpayers
  • Week 7: Leading for the People: Trusting the People on Taxes
So why is Kaine campaign's hit webpage holding at week three? We are supposed to "Stay tuned for more episodes of "Ten Weeks of Dishonest Reform" starring Jerry the Duck..."

I'm tuned. It's not about the accent, after all - it's about the debates.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's meant to make fun of his sissy voice, not his southern accent. but keep lying, if you like.

12:28 PM

Blogger CR UVa said...

You know, it's getting really old listening to all these people trying to seperate the accent from the voice. Newsflash, one's accent makes up part of one's voice. The southern accent is a component of Jerry Kilgore's "sissy voice". Stop trying to dodge the reality of it.

For a little while, I put some focus on this, but after a while, I realized it was a battle not worth fighting. If they want to bash his voice, fine, but all the voice bashers could stop being sissies and actually address the issues of the campaign.

12:41 PM

Blogger kilo said...

Again the Red Stater hits a home run!

12:44 PM

Blogger Chris Porter said...

it's meant to make fun of his sissy voice, not his southern accent. but keep lying, if you like.

If that's so, then why have they abandoned the web page?

1:06 PM

Anonymous Waldo Jaquith said...

How strange to bail on it. It'd be one thing to get rid of it entirely, another to carry on, but to just stop updating it really indicates nothing one way or the other. I don't get it.

6:00 PM

Anonymous Rich said...

You don't seem to get much, do you Waldo?

10:53 PM


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