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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My first dog training spam

Things have gotten a little serious in the Virginia blogosphere lately, so I'm delighted to present the spam that appeared in my inbox today. I've received spam for Viiagrea, brand-name softwear, super low mortgages, and Nigerian money launderers. But this was my first dog training spam.
If you're not using the right dog training techniques, you're probably wasting hundreds of hours per year. Not to mention missing out on some of the joys of owning a well trained dog. Imagine being able to take your dog to Starbuck's Coffee and place him in a "down-stay" while you go in and have a cup of java. And know that he'll still be there when you come back! You can easily reduce your training time by more than 60%, and still achieve maximum results. Here's a small sample of some time-saving secrets you'll learn for your everyday training...
I'm actually thinking about clicking for more info.


Blogger Will Vehrs said...

Don't do it! Those Nigerian heirs are very, very clever!!!

7:13 AM

Blogger Four Legged Friend said...

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4:19 AM


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