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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Down-ticket primary races

The Lynchburg News-Advance writes a typical story on the Republican LG primary.
The race for the GOP’s lieutenant governor’s nomination pits two candidates in a game of political one-upmanship to show why each considers himself a better Republican.

So as the race to the June 14 primary heats up, each candidate must convince voters why he is the right man to represent the Republican Party in November’s general election.
There isn't really any new information in the article. It is the first time that I have seen Sen. Bolling refer to Mr. Connaughton's countercharges regarding Sen. Bolling's tenure on the Hanover Board of Supervisors.
“When he was on the Hanover Board of Supervisors he did the same thing,” Connaughton said, citing Bolling’s 1992 vote to reduce the county’s real estate rate, which still resulted in a 13.56 percent increase in the average tax bill due to higher assessments.

“I don’t understand how people can be so hypocritical,” he said. “What was fine for him is not fine for me?”

Bolling said voters should look at his 10 years in the Senate where he voted against dozens of proposed tax increases.

“I have never claimed to have cut taxes in local government. That’s what is dishonest,” he said. “I’m not running for lieutenant governor based on my record with local government a decade ago, although I’m proud of it. I’m running on my record over the past 10 years in state government.”
The Free-Lance Star has a similar article on the AG's race.
Bob McDonnell and Steve Baril are both lawyers, both Republicans, both 50, and both running for attorney general.

But there, they say, the similarities stop.
It's a typical horse race story. In fact, in reference to the ads purchased by VCAP, Mr. Baril states,
"I think we've got a horse race. Any time you've got the self-proclaimed front-runner attacking the challenger that says volumes."
That's often the case. On the other hand, there's only so many times a front-runner can take a punch before he has to respond.

The polls close in 15 days and 21 hours. I can't wait.


Anonymous Mitch Cumstein said...

The problem here is that Bolling is being the ultimate hypocrit. He's trying to compare apples and oranges on the tax issue. He tries to paint Connaughton as weak on taxes while he did exactly the same things (and not nearly as effectively) while on the Hannover board. Sure, he has a ten year record in the General Assembly while Sean doesn't. Comparisons can only be made between like positions that they've held. How can Bolling conclude that Connaughton would raise taxes in state government based on his local record, when Bolling's local record was identical, if not weaker, than Sean's? It isn't just hypoctrical, it shows questionable logic and intelligence.

The bottom line is: Bolling's a bad candidate. He's run a poor race and would be a liability to Kilgore in November. Here's hoping that Republicans see through his infantile logic and refuse to allow him to tank the election for us.

9:18 AM

Anonymous mitch's wife said...

"I’m not running for lieutenant governor based on my record with local government a decade ago..."


Has his guy forgotten that character counts? If Sean discovered that ten years ago, Bolling had run his car off a bridge, or had his picture taken with a girl on his lap on a boat, or was a member of the Klan, would Bolling be able to get away with saying, "I’m not running for lieutenant governor based on my record of innappropriate behavior a decade ago..."? Of course not. Either he did it, or he didn't. If you didn't do it, prove it. If you did it and are ashamed of it, apologize. If you did it, and are proud of it, then embrace it. But don't say that it was OK in Hanover 10 years ago but not OK in Prince William today, now that it serves your purposes to say so.

Bill! Wake up and smell the hypocrisy! June 14th is going to be a long, sad day for you, sir.

(By the way and for the record, I am not really Mitch Cumstein's wife, as he has pointed out before.)

5:39 PM


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