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Sunday, May 08, 2005

All Allen, All the Time

That's what it feels like around here anyway. Seriously though, I have a few more George Allen related items to share that I found interesting. One of the major knocks against Allen is his lack of foreign policy credentials. Though he has served at every level of government, some argue that Allen has never shown a grasp or an interest in foreign policy issues. Allen staffers that I know dispute these charges and point to his seat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as evidence of his commitment to foreign policy.

Secondly, is this very interesting Free Republic article regarding Allen's recent trip to Iraq. In it, Allen displays a solid understanding of the issues that we face there and a commitment to the so-called Bush Doctrine.

Finally, I found that the wingnuts over at Daily Kos are already working themselves into a frenzy trying to cut down any Republican nominees before they can take root for 2008. The best part about their discussion of Allen is how ridiculous some of the statements are. Like this one for example:
Of course, the state GOP would like to clone John Warner and run him forever, but thankfully cloning is illegal here, hehe.
or maybe this rationalization:
Allen only got ran for governorf because in redistricting he was thrwon into a district with Frank Wolk who had seniority, and was told by the party eledes who could not mount a primary challenge.
Yikes, I don't even know where to begin with that one, except to say that it was Tom Bliley, not Frank Wolf. Funny, funny stuff.

Oh, well. More to come soon, I am sure.

UPDATE: Some more Allen searching revealed this commentary Senator Allen wrote for the National Review last month defending John Bolton's nomination to the UN. Makes for a good read.


Blogger Pastor John said...

senator allen is a good christian. he has faith of the heart.

8:20 PM

Blogger thekeez said...

Yeah - you can really see that Christian faith in the positive, uplifting campaigns he has run...thekeez

2:34 PM


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