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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose...

And now you can pick your party. The RTD provides some details on the upcoming June 14th Primary elections. Unlike most years, both the Democrats and Republicans will be having primaries on the same day, which means that voters will be forced to declare which primary they want to vote in and will not be allowed to vote in both, as is often the case.

Virginia has long held on to its tradition of not registering voters by party and not identifying candidates on the ballot by party. As in many other cases, Virginia values its uniqueness. However, this tradition has created a lot of confusion in the past among Virginia's voters. It seems likely that as time passes and campaigns become more virulent, we will begin to hear stronger pleas for party registration in Virginia.


Anonymous JC said...

While I have nothing against party registration, I hope your premise that intra-party campaigns will become "more virulent" proves wrong. I see no reason that we Virginia Republicans should accelerate the tendency toward nasty infighting before sallying forth against our esteemed Democratic opponents.

11:55 PM


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