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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

'Tribe' Under Fire

The NCAA's PC Police have struck again, according to this article by the RTD. The NCAA's Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee, as it is officially called, has asked William and Mary to conduct a "self-analysis" regarding the use of the "Tribe" name and logo.

This absurd level of political correctness strikes out at any team that uses an American Indian moniker, regardless of its history, usage, or approval by Indian groups. Forcing teams to rid themselves of names that recognize Indians is a purely superficial manuever that does nothing to change people's perceptions or solve any real problems that face these groups. In fact, William and Mary has already changed its name once, from the Indians (since that is so offensive), to the Tribe.

At least the Indian groups themselves have their wits about them. In this article, Gertrude Minnie-Ha-Ha Custalow, historian for the Mattaponi Tribe, notes that they see nothing improper about the name. She pretty much sums it up this way:
"You know, sometimes this type of thing can get a little bit ridiculous."


Blogger diadem said...

It's a sad thing when intelligent people focus their energies in "helping" when "helping" isn't necessary! There has GOT to be something else they could be doing in their departments. By re-defining our words, we're getting more and more obscure. It's only making it more difficult to communicate with each other. We're undoing all that Noah Webster did for our country in bringing us together under one language. He thought it was necessary for our country's unification and liberty...does anyone else?

11:11 AM


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