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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Tom Daschle's media firm plans TV buy for Tim Kaine

Via the RT-D and a nice email from Kilgore campaign, we learn that Tim Kaine is kicking off his first TV commercials on Monday.

The Kaine campaign is using Struble Eichenbaum as its media consultants. Last May, Dakota Blog Alliance member Daschle v. Thune noted Struble's long relationship with Daschle.
Struble certainly knows how to win in South Dakota, having advised Daschle since 1984. He also worked for Senator Tim Johnson’s campaigns in 1996 and 2002 and has worked extensively in neighboring Nebraska. And, it should be said, South Dakota is an easy state in which to shape a candidate’s image, which is Struble’s specialty.
Note the similarities between Daschle-2004 and Kaine-2005. Both races have candidates with a voting and activism record. Both candidates are running in a population with views considerably more conservative than their own. Both candidates are trying to shape images with ads in which the candidate claims that he is really in line with his constituency.

How did Daschle v. Thune view Struble's efforts?
After spending close to $8 million on TV, radio, and newspaper ads and having supporters mail personal letters to all the residents of key counties in recent months, he’s stagnant or slipping in the polls and John Thune is gaining. And Thune hasn’t run an ad! Even with no push-back, Daschle’s ads aren’t working. Has Karl Struble, Daschle’s long-time media guru, lost his magic touch?Perhaps.
Of course, that was written six months before the South Dakota elections, and the prediction was proved accurate.

Best of all, though, is Struble's fatalistic analysis of Daschle's defeat.
“You can overanalyze South Dakota, because in this case you had somebody who was a national leader,” said Democratic media consultant Karl Struble, who handled the television strategy for Daschle. For someone like Daschle, it is “easier to ascribe the national party agenda” to them.

Struble added, however, that “there is no doubt that being a Democrat in red states make you an endangered species.”
The teaser on Struble's website notes, "In 2004, three Democrats were elected governor in states won by President Bush, Struble Eichenbaum worked for two of them..."

The website teaser for November 9th has already been written. It says, "In 2005, no Democrats were elected governor in states won by President Bush, despite Stuble Eichenbaum's best efforts..."

There's also the small similarity of Struble v. ______ Blog Alliance, but that analysis can wait for another day.

JB directs us to the original comparison between the Dakota Blog Alliance and the ODBA.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you are publishing talking points released from the kilgore campaign which quote talking points on a blog that was paid $27,000 by the Thune campaign?? The campaign it was supposedly "commenting" on.

Brilliant!! I hope you are being paid well for the hackery!!

7:50 PM

Blogger Addison said...

Just a clarification. I received no talking points from the Kilgore campaign. I received an email similar to the one referenced by the R-TD ("The Kilgore campaign tipped reporters to the Kaine ad...") and it didn't have any quotes, just a heads up.

The Daschle-Kaine similarities are strictly my own analysis. It's an analysis that you seem unwilling to rebut. Is it because even Tim Kaine's media guy thinks he's an endangered species?

Finally, I haven't taken a penny from the campaign.

8:25 PM

Blogger Addison said...

Actually, now that I think about it, I didn't even have a Kilgore beer at the Shad Planking.

8:42 PM


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