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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Roanoke-area Delegates Races

The Roanoke Times has this rundown of the regional House of Delegates races both contested and uncontested. Of the nine incumbents running in the Roanoke and New River Valleys, only two are currently facing opposition.

According to the RT, Delegate Ward Armstrong (D-Henry Co.) will be challenged by republican David Young. Delegate Allen Dudley (R-Rocky Mount) will be challenged by Democrat Eric Ferguson.

The most interesting item is this:
Barbara Chrisley, who ran an unsuccessful Republican campaign against [Pulaski Del. Benny] Keister in 1999, said Thursday that she is seriously considering switching parties and challenging [Christiansburg Del. Dave] Nutter this year. The retired Radford University professor said she will likely make her decision soon. . . ."I'm recognizing that my values are very much aligning with the Democratic Party," she said.

Sounds like it's a good thing Chrisley was unsuccessful in her bid against Keister.


Blogger Salt Lick said...

I'm not the best-informed source you can find on Barbara Chrisley, but I remember that she sounded fairly moderate -- though "Republican" -- in her 1999 race against Kiester. IIRC, she obtained the Roanoke Times' endorsement, but then lost it because of a serious mistep by someone in her campaign (manager?), and then herself. Someone in her campaign broadcast that her opponent Benny Keister had spoken against parental notification, when in fact he had not. Chrisley stood behind her people, the Times withdrew it's endorsement, and her campaign fell apart. She had some big guns come down and speak for her too -- Gilmore, etc.

Dave Nutter had a relatively close race in his newly-drawn district and some folks are mad at him for voting to raise taxes. I remember hearing some radio spots by an anti-tax group chastizing him. If I understand the situation correctly, he's in a "moderate" district, split between Virginia Tech employees and regular folks.

My guess is Chrisley hasn't had so much a realignment of values, but just sees an opportunity. I intended to blog on this but I have taters to plant. Aren't one of you fellows from SW Virgina? I'm sure you can handle it.

8:48 PM

Blogger Addison said...

Thanks for the input, salt lick. I, too would have thought Nutter was vulnerable from his right flank. That's why I don't understand Chrisley's beef. If she's going to run as a moderate Dem, then she's not going to be able to put much space between her and Nutter.

10:59 PM

Blogger Salt Lick said...

Addison -- Again, I'm not "in the loop" on this, but I think Nutter is probably secure on his right. His vote for taxes annoyed me, but I think most folks on "the right" realize he is in a very "tricky" district. Whoever represents the 7th is always going to have to know how to walk the tight-rope.

Before the redistricting, Jim Shuler had a lock on the seat from this area. I'd hate for those frustrating years to return with a Shuler-Chrisley alliance.

4:55 AM


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