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Thursday, April 28, 2005

President Bush Lays it on the Line

I thought I heard his spurs jingling when he was walking down that hallway to the microphone. President Bush is on the warpath, so you'd better saddle up, or catch the next train outta Dodge.

I watched the President's presser tonight, and I was impressed. I don't understand why the guy doesn't do more of these things because he really seems to thrive in the medium. He's focused, he's direct, he's confident, and gosh-darnit, he's right! The President was on point this evening, focusing his remarks on two key issues, Energy policy and Social Security. Lord knows the President has been under fire recently. Unfortunately, his ambitious second term agenda has been sidetracked and waylaid by a variety of other circumstances, from rising gas prices, to the Tom DeLay witch-hunt, to Senate Republicans efforts to force the Constitution down the Democrats' unwilling throats like a spoonful of Castor Oil.

Now, the President is back at the Ponderosa and he's putting the spotlight back squarely on himself. Forget about all that other stuff, he says. I've got a plan for America and doggone it, you're all gonna hear about it. The President seeks to make it clear that he is running the show and no matter what is going on in Congress, his agenda will go forward.

First, Energy policy. This country needs a comprehensive energy plan and it needs it now. As the President said, there's no magic wand that can be waved to reduce gas prices. However, he has laid out sensible solutions to a number of long-term energy problems faced by this country. The House has passed the bill, and now the tectonic plates in the US Senate must shift and get this bill to the President's desk. Technology and innovation will help rid us of our dependence on foreign oil. Increased exploration, including ANWR, will help rid us of our dependence on foreign oil. Alternative fuels and NUCLEAR POWER will help rid us of our dependence on foreign oil. These are sensible solutions that will provide real relief to the American people down the road. If you think gas prices are bad now, just fail to pass this legislation and see them keep rising until they top $5.00 a gallon like they are in England.

Second, Social Security. President Bush made the case for reform as clearly as it can be made tonight. Delaying this important reform is just plain selfish on the part of Democrats in Congress who will benefit from their own swank retirement plan but doom me and my children to fend for ourselves. How many ways can he say it folks? 1. Seniors will not lose their benefits! 2. Young people will not be allowed to squander away all their retirement money! 3. The people who need Social Security the most will be getting a BETTER deal and the program will remain solvent for years to come! What is the problem here? Oh that's right, it's petty politics. Democrats would hate to see people have an ownership stake in their own retirement money. Heck, then the government wouldn't be able to take it and waste it on their pet projects. Well, we can't have that. People taking ownership and responsibility for their money away from the government? The horror!

The simple fact is, the Democrats have no faith in the American people. They see themselves as caretakers of all the poor misguided souls out there. Guess what, Democrats. We can take care of ourselves just fine, thank you! Last November, America puts its faith in someone who has faith in them. All the Democrats can do is say "No!" to everything the President puts forth. "No!" is not a solution to our problems. It's time to make our voice heard once again.

Say "Yes!" to President Bush!

Say "Yes!" to comprehensive Energy Legislation!

Say "Yes!" to freedom and democracy in Iraq!

Say "Yes!" to confirming John Bolton to the UN!

Say "Yes!" to upholding the Constitution and giving Bush's judicial nominees an up-or-down vote on the Senate floor!

Say "Yes!" to real, effective Social Security reform!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One word to points 2 and 3 on Social Security: "Enron." Ideology is all nice and fine, but what about reality? The stock market guarantees zilch. Ownership society? If you own stock and the company does well, then great. If the company collapses--and they do--then you own squat. Think about it. Just think. Period.

8:10 AM

Blogger Pastor John said...

i've started a blog. please take this one down as it is no longer needed. thank you.

8:24 AM

Anonymous Clayton Delaney said...

Thank you Pastor John. You are right on time.

9:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush's timing with the speech was somewhat inconvenient. It meant that Survivor and the Apprentice aired at the same time. To have two Mark Burnett shows playing at the same time is a tv nightmare. I was flipping back and forth, back and forth, trying to keep up with both shows. I think I succeeded, but would have rather seen all of both. Why couldn't Bush have spoken on Wednesday? It's kinda inconsiderate to go on the most popular tv night of the week.

3:25 PM


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