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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Peter DeFur to challenge Bill Janis

Last week at the Shad Planking, we heard rumblings of a potential challenger for Del. Bill Janis. They've heard the same thing over at My Own Backyard.

Dr. Peter Defur, a VCU professor, will seek or has received the Democratic nomination for the 56th District.

Dr. DeFur is a professor in the VCU Center for Environmental Studies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Janis in a walk...

A "good" candidate, McGuire got a whopping 42% in the 56th last time out...

Janis will beat this whacko like a drum... 65% to 35%... Take it to the bank.

10:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Type Bill Janis into your web browser.
What do you get?

Now type Peter deFur into your web browser. What do you get?

I think Janis is in for a fight!

10:54 PM


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