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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

NFL Draft Week

College and professional football worlds collide this weekend at the NFL Draft. No other sport's draft generates as much interest, attention, and debate as the NFL Draft. For the pundits, the question will be "Who is #1?" For the fans, the question will be "Who will my team get?" For the GMs and coaches, the question will be "Who will help me keep my job?"

Here, then is my take on the Draft's first 10 picks. The rest of the first round will follow later in the week.

#1- San Francisco 49ers: For those of us that remember the days of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and the 49ers dynasty, it's a little strange seeing them with the first pick in the Draft. But the NFL is all about parity now and that means more teams get a shot at the #1 pick. Unfortunately for the 49ers, there seems to be no consensus #1 pick in the Draft this year. Most franchises believe that a team is built around a QB, but if there is no clear #1 QB, does it make sense to draft one here anyways? I think not. Let's face it, the 49ers will probably stink again next year and could very well be in a position to draft Matt Leinart at that time. Smart Pick: WR Braylon Edwards. Probable Pick: QB Aaron Rogers.

#2- Miami Dolphins: Nick Saban has recently been hinting at the possibility the Ricky Williams could be back in a Dolphins uniform in the near future. Ok Nick, let's play "Good idea, Bad idea." Good idea=A franchise running back, Bad idea=A guy who quits on his team to smoke weed and follow Lenny Kravitz. If Saban is smart and wants to remain an NFL Coach for any length of time, he'll take an RB here and not bank on the enigmatic Williams. I think Saban is just throwing up a smoke screen, so to speak. Smart Pick: RB Cedric Benson. Probable Pick: RB Ronnie Brown.

#3- Cleveland Browns: The Browns aren't that bad. Seriously, the Browns may only have won 4 games last year, but they are not far off from being a decent team. Last year, they scored 48 points against the Bengals, they lost in OT to the Eagles, and they lost at Pittsburgh by one point. The addition of Coach Romeo Crennel should be good enough for at least a couple more wins this year. As players go, what they need most is a QB. Assuming the 49ers take a QB, the Browns will probably select whoever is left between Alex Smith and Aaron Rogers. Smart Pick: QB Alex Smith. Probable Pick: QB Alex Smith.

#4- Chicago Bears: The Bears are another once-proud franchise that has fallen on some tough times. Barring an improbable return to the glory days of Iron Mike Ditka, the Bears will probably be the ones getting battered and bruised in the NFC's "Black and Blue" Division. The key to winning in the NFC North will be solid defense and clock control via the run game. Despite a mediocre-at-best backfield the Bears would have to snatch up a playmaker like Michigan's Braylon Edwards if he was still available here. Smart Pick: RB Ronnie Brown. Probable Pick: WR Braylon Edwards.

#5- Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Despite their atrocious record, the Buccaneers defense is actually still pretty good. Last year the Bucs ranked 5th in total defense, giving up only 284.5 yards per game, and tied for 9th in scoring defense giving up only 19 points per game. Where they stunk was rushing offense, ranking ahead of only San Francisco, Miami and Oakland. Look for coach Gruden to address that need this weekend. Smart Pick: RB Carnell Williams. Probable Pick: RB Cedric Benson

#6- Tennessee Titans: The Titans have all sorts of problems and would probably be wise to try and trade down to get more later-round picks. Assuming they keep their spot, QB Steve McNair won't be around for ever and if either of the top 2 QBs are available here, the Titans should snatch them up. More than likely, they will instead address defensive holes here. Smart Pick: QB Aaron Rogers. Probable Pick: CB Antrel Rolle

#7- Minnesota Vikings (from Oakland): The loss of Randy Moss has Vikings fans in a tizzy and they will probably be disappointed if the Vikes don't take a receiver here. What the Vikes really need, however, is help on defense, particularly the secondary where they were ranked 4th worst against the pass last season. Smart Pick: CB Antrel Rolle. Probable Pick: WR Troy Williamson.

#8- Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals got a veteran QB in the offseason in Kurt Warner to help guide their young receiving corps. Chances are they will take one of the top 3 backs if they are still available to round out the offense. While the Cardinals' defense was respectable against the pass last year, it was simply atrocious against the run and could use a playmaker in the middle of their defense. Smart Pick: LB Derrick Johnson. Probable Pick: RB Carnell Williams.

#9- Washington Redskins: The Redskins are another team that would be wise to try and trade down for more picks. If they stick around, they could really use a good target for Patrick Ramsey to throw to or a corner to counter the losses of Champ Bailey and Fred Smoot over the past two seasons. Smart Pick: WR Mike Williams. Probable Pick: CB Adam "Pac-man" Jones.

#10- Detroit Lions: The Lions' offense is pretty set with QBs Joey Harrington and Jeff Garcia, WRs Roy Williams and Charles Rogers, and RB Kevin Jones. Expect them to go with the best available defensive player on the board with this pick unless maybe Braylon Edwards falls in their laps for some reason. Smart Pick: DE DeMarcus Ware. Probable Pick: LB Derrick Johnson.


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