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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mr. Deeds tries to walk the middle of the road

Charlottesville Liberal Creigh Deeds is running for Attorney General. Unfortunately for him, hardly anybody has noticed. In today's Daily News-Record, Deeds laments the lack of media exposure he is getting as a result of running unopposed for the Democrat nomination for AG.

In the article, Deeds tries to paint himself as a reasonable moderate, as he loves to do when back in his native Bath county. However, this down-home facade is betrayed by his considerable record representing some of Virginia's most liberal constituencies in the State Senate. Deeds has repeatedly supported tax increases of every size and shape in the Senate. He has waffled on the gay marriage issue, criticizing Republicans publicly for marriage "restrictions," then voting for them. Democrats have tried to bolster Deeds' "moderate" credentials by pointing out that his record is less extreme than that of his only potential opponent, John Edwards (who has since dropped out of the race). If that isn't putting lipstick on a pig, I don't know what is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you freaking moron. deeds isn't a liberal. he's a moderate - conservative democrat. and he's from bath county. that's not anywhere close to charlottesville.


4:14 PM

Anonymous Waldo Jaquith said...

I'll phrase this a little less strongly than the other guy, but a) Creigh lives a long, long way from Charlottesville and b) you'd be hard-pressed to find a more centrist Democrat in the GA than Creigh Deeds. His positions have not endeared him to Charlottesvillians, who he just recently started to represent after Emily Couric died a few years ago.

Before that, his district included Blacksburg, which goes to show both how fucked up the redistricting was and how very far from Charlottesville the man lives.

Anyhow, if you can find a Democrat in the House or the Senate who is farther to the right than Creigh, I'd like to see him. I doubt he exists. Between now and then, the "Charlottesville liberal" label looks a bit ridiculous when applied to Creigh, who is neither from anywhere near Charlottesville nor liberal.

6:45 PM

Blogger Addison said...

if you can find a Democrat in the House or the Senate who is farther to the right than Creigh, I'd like to see him.

I'll Play:
Ward Armstrong
William Barlow
Charles Colgan
Paul Councill
Frank Hall
Edd Houck
Algie Howell
Johnny Joannau
Joe Johnson
Benny Keister
Ben Lambert
Lynwood Lewis
Louise Lucas
Yvonne Miller
Chap Petersen
Bud Phillips
Albert Pollard
Philip Puckett
Roscoe Reynolds
Steve Shannon
Jim Shuler
Jackie Stump
Onzlee Ware

7:36 PM

Anonymous Waldo Jaquith said...

I'll give you Phil Puckett. But certainly no others -- there are very few legislative rankings on which any of these guys score more conservative than Creigh. The man thinks that hemp should be illegal, for chrissake. And Chap Peterson? C'mon, did you think I wouldn't read the list? :)

Ain't at least one of y'all at VT? You graduating with me in two weeks' time, or what?

9:14 PM

Blogger Addison said...

Sen. Deeds has a 100% NARAL rating and a 17% Virginia Family Foundation Rating. He has a 0% rating from the Virginia Society for Human Life. Every one of the names I listed is above him. He has the same VFF rating as Leslie Byrne.

If you buy the line that liberals are anti-business (and I personally don't) then you can look at VA FREE's rating of 67%. At least 1/2 of the names I listed have better ratings. Sen. Deeds does even worse under the Chamber of Commerce ratings. Only 5 out of 140 legislators have a worse rating.

Sen. Deeds has a 93% from the AFL-CIO. About 1/2 the list I gave is below him.

Sen. Deeds saving grace, for this conservative, is guns. He's on the NRA A list. It's one of the few issues on which he talks the same way in Bath as he votes in Richmond.


Although it seems like only yesterday that I finished up at Tech, it's actually been a while. My fun tip is to find a cap and gown for your fiancee to wear. She can march in the morning procession, and it feels all sneaky like. I "graduated" four times.

10:36 PM

Anonymous Ben said...

Walso- he nailed you with that list. Chap is way to the right of deeds, and so are the other people on that list. I think you could add to it, rather than make it smaller.

10:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's Waldo????

Addison nailed you to a wall, and you haven't come back.

FACT: Deeds represents Charlottesville, it's essentially the largest single political unit in his district, so using the term "Charlottesville" as an adjective modifying the noun "liberal" is accurate.

FACT: Deeds is a liberal (I think Addison did a MUCH better job proving this succinctly than I could have, but, it's a fact none-the-less.

FACT: You libs get your panties in a wad whenever somebody points out the two aforementioned facts, therefore, I cite the old addage:


12:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And while I'm at it, the term "Conservative Democrat" is an oxymoron, but for Virgil Goode, those went the way of the dinosaur in the Old Dominion when the Byrd Machine sputtered to a halt.

Virgil woke up years ago... If Deeds were actually a Conservative Dem (which is impossible, they don't exist), he'd certainly earn the "Last to get the memo" award, hands down.

12:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Creigh isn't moderate, than I don't know who is in the Democratic Party. I just think most you fools here are afraid of the good ole Senator Deeds from Bath County pounding one Republicans in the General Election. You all know that Creigh is a Republican's worst nightmare. He speaks the language of all people throughout the valley, from Roanoke to Winchester. Also, he wins in Dark Crimson areas of the state that go for morons like George W. Bush and Oli North on a regular basis. Although he reperesents C'ville, the man hasn't sold out his bretheren at home. The man hasn't ever lost an election and if I remember correctly he beat Sen. Emmett Hanger years ago. You all can continue to talk your liberal mumbo jumbo, but it ain't gonna stick to Deeds. The man is 11 for 11 in political elections and I'll tell you all now he'll be 12 for 12 come November. Now all you republicans have to do is pick your loser!

7:43 PM

Blogger Addison said...

Specifics, please. I just gave you a list of 1/3 of the Dem delegation that was more conservative than Deeds. I backed it up with voting report cards.

Creigh has won two kinds of elections. In 1991, he won a seat gerrymandered by the Dems to hurt Emmett Hanger. In 2001, he won a seat gerrymandered by the Rs to minimize Emily Couric's influence. See a pattern?

We'll see how 100% NARAL Deeds does out on the stump in his first statewide election.

9:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Addison, why won't you just go to and check out the 2001 Election Results. On there you will see the victories in precincts by Senator Deeds that Oliver North, George W. Bush, and George Allen have won handidly. Let us all remember this occurred in some of the most conservative areas of the Valley. I mean you seem like a smart fella, why won't you do a cross analysis on the 2000 Presidential results of the precincts Senator Deeds represent.

The man has won precincts from Blacksburg up to Lexington where saying the word Democrat is a sin. Now I don't know too many liberals who can win in these precincts, but you seem to know the people of the 25th a whole lot more than Senator Deeds, so you tell me! You know what I think this is soooo hillarious because your fear of Senator Deeds against one of your Republican losers is very evident in your comments. Why won't you try shutting your trap Addison and wait until June 15th to start the name-calling and labeling.

10:47 PM

Blogger Addison said...

Specifics, please. John Kerry won Creigh's District by 53-47 margin. That's seven percent better than Kerry did statewide.

12:07 AM


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