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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Lincoln Lovers in the Confederacy's Capital

Ok, so its been a pretty slow news day. However, I found this article in the RTD rather interesting. Bridgewater College President Phil Stone (a UVA Law grad) has founded a society to honor the 16th President and his family's deep roots in the Old Dominion. Needless to say, not all Virginians are thrilled about efforts to honor a President many folks still blame for the Civil War.

Lincoln supporters look to the ending of slavery and preservation of the Union as evidence that Abraham Lincoln was our nation's greatest President. His detractors focus on the structural, economic, and personal devastation levelled on the South as a result of what they consider Northern aggression.

Both sides are a part of Lincoln's legacy and should be included in the broader discussion of Virginia's history. However, rather than focusing on the wounds of the past, Stone notes that Lincoln has many lasting connections to the Commonwealth and stood for many things that Virginians today can embrace.

The Lincoln Society of Virginia will hold its first meeting on Monday May 2.


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