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Monday, April 25, 2005

Kaine TV ads are up - still hasn't posted latest radio commercial

The new Tim Kaine TV ads are up at There's one image shaping ad with the Lt. Governor's kids, and one on Kaine's property tax plan.

You know what isn't on the website? The most recent radio ad, as covered in the RT-D and by Norm.

The one where Kaine says ""If I have something to say, I'm not afraid to say it myself. But Jerry Kilgore has been making things up about me and letting slick radio announcers do his dirty work."

Really, let's hear it. I wonder if it's not being posted because even Larry Sabato said that it was an "apparent attempt to demean Kilgore." Or is it not being posted because even Virginia's congressional delegation is beginning to weigh in? Or is it not being posted because the Lt. Governor realizes that on the heels of his comparison of the Shad Planking/Wakefield to Russia, that it's probably not a good idea to insult rural Virginians?

I'd like to thank the Kaine campaign for their responsiveness. The ad has now been posted (as of 3 PM) and the campaign has apparently decided that it is a good idea to insult rural Virginians.

I'll incorporate John Behan's further comments by reference.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try looking in the "Media" section next time:

And do tell us where in this ad anyone says a WORD about Kilgore's accent. I'm still trying to find it.

1:45 PM

Blogger Addison said...

That's not the ad. I want the one covered in Friday's RT-D. Kaine has released five radio ads, and only four are linked to the "Media" page.

Try again.

2:00 PM

Blogger Norman said...

There's a conspicuous hole among the list of radio ads there.

Could be a design problem.

But it's probably not.

2:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for getting the Kaine campaign to put the radio ad up - great work! I'm absolutely positive it was in response to your meaningless post.

Now, where exactly does Kaine mention Kilgore's accent? I haven't been able to pinpoint it.

8:14 PM

Anonymous Waldo Jaquith said...

The central question hasn't been answered -- why won't Jerry Kilgore speak in his ads? Is he embarrassed by the way he speaks? I'd think he'd want to embrace his Virginia accent, if that's the thing that's supposedly so objectionable. All other things being equal, I'd rather vote for somebody with an honest-to-God southern accent.

10:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please tell me that a person’s beliefs and ideas are more important than their accent!!!

Also I just finished listening to the ad and I find no mention of the accent, implied or otherwise.....

7:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How very sad that our political stage often becomes the scene of attacks. It never takes very long for two candidates to find something to denegrate the other in order to elevate Him/Herself. Kaine's comment was just the opening Kilgore's campaign needed to take yet another campaign to it's devisive conclusion.

6:40 AM

Blogger thekeez said...

Look - it's Kilgore who keeps bringing up his funky accent in all his speeches. I know both their names begin with a "K" - but you red bloggers should be able to sort them both out...thekeez

2:00 PM


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