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Friday, April 22, 2005

GMU plans depraved "Sextravaganza"

The Washington Post reports today about a disturbing proposal at GMU for a campuswide sex fair that would apparently utilize student activity funds to expose students to various and sundry forms of promiscuity. The fair is to be sponsored by the "Pro-Choice Patriots" group and being billed as a "health fair."

Sen. Ken Cuccinelli is rightly disturbed by these efforts to foist a "sexually liberated" agenda on the students of George Mason. This is clearly another example of the MTV culture run rampant, a culture that glorifies irresponsible promiscuity and devalues healthy relationships. Most of the funds that go to support these kinds of activities are probably provided by the parents of these GMU students. If I were a parent of such a child, I would be deeply disturbed about what kind of "education" my child was receiving.


Blogger Addison said...

Let's not forget Sex Talk Live at Virginia Tech, and JMU's SexFest 2003.

While the decision of each of these schools to spend students' money on such activities is personally disappointing, I think a deeper issue is raised.

Why are we charging students money to fund any of these variety of activities? Each year, schools assess students money for "Activities Fees", regardless of whether they actually want to participate in any of these activities.

The outrage over these so-called "health fairs" indicates that whenever the university decides what is and isn't worth funding, some people are going to be ticked off.

12:47 PM

Blogger Will Vehrs said...

I can't believe you two. If GMU doesn't have this "Sextravaganza," Phi Beta Kappa will snub them even harder than they did when the school didn't pay Michael Moore's asking price for a speech.

You guys just don't care about academics.

2:01 PM

Blogger Norman said...

I went to the wrong college...

But Addison does have a good point about the funding issue. One of the only victories I earned as a student council member in college was defunding the local PIRG.

From the flack hurled my way, you'd have thought I was advocating the drowning of kittens. There were scores of other presentations and programs we handed out money for, but no one seemed to care if they were redundant, necessary or even mildly useful. After all, it was Mom and Dad's money, not their's.

Hmmm. Excellent training for political office, actually.

2:07 PM

Anonymous Paul said...

I read the article expecting to see some sort of "Let's all do it!" garbage, but instead, I saw that this was intended to give out information about preventing sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, and sexual assault - extremely radical topics that should never be discussed in a public forum.

You people have GOT to be kidding me.

8:42 PM

Blogger Ben said...

Not as radical as promoting obscene products like... strawberries... and chocolate.

1:49 PM


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