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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

David Toscano accuses Kim Tingley of push polling

The 57th District (Charlottesville-Albemarle) is a rare bird in Virginia politics. It's a Democratic leaning district. The city is strongly Dem, and the county precincts are among the more liberal in Albemarle County. That makes the Democratic primary on June 14th even more important, and the race has apparently turned ugly. David Toscano, released the following:
Last night, many Democrats in the 57th District received telephone calls from a Florida company apparently hired by candidate Kim Tingley to conduct push-polling interviews. The pollsters, who when asked, identified themselves as "working for Tingley", made numerous and incorrect assertions about the character and record of three-term City Councilor and former Charlottesville Mayor David Toscano. If, in fact, Mr. Tingley is not behind this "guerilla marketing" campaign tactic, we call on him to repudiate this effort being conducted on his behalf. If he is indeed the perpetrator of these negative push-polls, we call on him to cease any further such activity. This tactic is reminiscent of the negative campaign style witnessed in the recent presidential election and is consistent with the type of smear campaigns that distort a candidate's record under a win-at-all cost mentality. If Mr. Tingley wants to continue to be a progressive player in the Charlottesville area, he will need to realize that here, we try to run clean, issues-oriented campaigns.
I don't know anyone who received the calls, so I can't tell you more. In fact, a lot of my friends in the 57th don't even have land lines, and I don't think cell numbers have worked their way into phone databanks yet.


Anonymous Paul said...

Wew! Far Lefty vs Lefty vs Far Lefty? Who will win? Does it matter?

10:48 PM

Anonymous Waldo Jaquith said...

Several people who have gotten these calls have told me that it ain't a push poll. It's just a poll that, ultimately, asks even tougher questions about Tingley than Toscano. I don't know why Toscano would try to call attention to Tingley -- nobody's ever heard of the man. Tingley just moved to town a couple of years ago, and, as best as I can tell, doesn't know the first thing about the place. This seems like a strategic fumble on the part of Toscano.

11:39 PM


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