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Friday, April 22, 2005

CBS full-fledged propaganda machine

I promised myself that I would devote the day to meaningful (non-blog oriented) pursuits. However, I blew my gasket when I read this headline, and I have to vent.

GOP Pushes Filibuster Fight

So let me get this straight. Now, the Senate Judiciary can't even vote nominees out of committee? They can't do it because it forces the Dems to filibuster!!!

I promised myself that I would never curse on this blog, but I'm pretty close. The obstructionists don't even have the guts to stand on the floor and actually do the thing that they supposedly hold so dear. They want the GOP to hold TEN Circuit court nominees, and another DOZEN district nominees in committee, just so Ted Kennedy can get in his second dinner at 11:30 PM.

And if the Judiciary committee dares to do its Constitutional duty and moves nominees to the floor, what are they doing? Why, they are "pushing a filibuster fight"!!



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