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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

American Center for Voting Rights releases voting irregularity study

The American Center for Voting Rights has released its study of voting irregularities in Ohio during the 2004 election. It's so good, you should read the whole thing. Here are some highlights.
Third party organizations, especially ACT, ACORN, and NAACP engaged in acoordinated “Get Out The Vote” effort. A significant component of this effort appears to be registering individuals who would cast ballots for the candidate supported by these organizations. This voter registration effort was not limited to registration of legal voters but, criminal investigations and news reports suggest, that this voter registration effort also involved the registration of thousands of fictional voters
In June, an Associated Press review of ACT’s payroll records revealed that the group was employing violent felons – including a murderer and a rapist – as door-to-door canvassers in Ohio, Missouri and Florida. In September, the group drew scrutiny after the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that ACT submitted a fraudulent voter registration application for an elderly nursing home resident. In October, the Toledo Blade reported that elections officials in Lake County were investigating ACT and the NAACP National Voter Fund for “hundreds of suspicious registration forms and absentee ballot requests.”
In September, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that NAACP National Voter Fund registered a man in Lake County who had been dead for more than two decades. In October, Ohio newspapers reported that a NAACP National Voter Fund worker paid a man in crack cocaine for over 100 fraudulent voter registration applications for Mary Poppins, Dick Tracy and other false identities. NAACP National Voter Fund is closely aligned with ACT, SEIU and ACORN/Project Vote through the America Votes Coalition.


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