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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

WP and AFP pick up on Kaine's social issues problems

The Augusta Free Press and Marc Fisher in the Washington Post pick up on Kaine's difficulty in relating to conservative Virginians.
"Tim Kaine supports an amendment as long as it is limited to defining marriage as being between one man and one woman. But what we're seeing in the General Assembly is that the language in the resolutions is defining marriage as being between one man and one woman and is calling for those things that could purport to give the benefits of marriage, like civil unions and domestic-partner benefits, to also be included," said Chris Freund, the spokesman for the Richmond-based Family Foundation.

"Tim Kaine hasn't said that he would go that far. He has stopped at the defining marriage as being between one man and one woman issue," Freund told The Augusta Free Press.

The question that begs to be asked here is ... how long can Kaine rightly be expected to be able to walk this political tightrope?
Marc Fisher, hardly a conservative, actually drops the C bomb!!
So here's where Kaine stands on gay adoption: "No couples in Virginia can adopt other than a married couple -- that's the right policy. Gay individuals should be able to adopt."

Huh? So it's better for a child to be raised by a single gay parent than by two gay parents?

Yes, he says, because the concern is "the legal status of what happens to the child if the relationship breaks up."

With Kaine already splitting hairs in such Clintonian style, Kilgore is sharpening his straightedge.
You, faithful Sic Semper readers, were already aware of Kaine's problems, from posts like this and this.


Anonymous vasportsmen said...

And lets not forget Kaine's sudden change of heart when it comes to gun rights. As the Mayor of Richmond he used taxpayer money to pay for buses to transport gun control advocates to the Million Mom March. He decided to raise the money from private sources only after a public outcry by some gun rights advocates. He tried to justify using taxpayer money by say the city had a long history of supporting the goals of the March, which included licensing and registration of all gun owners.

Four years later, he said during the AP Day Debate on December 8, 2004 that "You will never find me doing anything to oppose the 2nd Amendment."

8:18 AM


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