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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Valley Blue Dog mentions SST

Welcome to those of you visiting SST from this AFP column.

The original Dean-Reiley post was made on January 27th.


Blogger Steven said...

Addison: SST is a good web log.

I'm a big fan.

Just an observation, but the recent Sean Connaughton press release was a disappointment. I'm frankly surprised that release was not discussed by the SST panel.

GOP Lt. Gov. candidate Sean Connaughton pledged he would "initiate a private-sector program to make affordable 'workforce housing' available in the state's URBAN areas."

If the Connaughton-Republican press machine continues to comforts itself with urban labels and issues, it's in for a rude surprise come election day.

I'd really like to hear about economic development in rural Virginia rather than more government handouts for urban Virginia.

However, the Democratic Lt. Gov. candidates have been AWOL on the issue as well.

Bill Bolling recently wrote the Blue Dog that he's working on an economic development strategy for rural Virginia which will be rolling out in the next few weeks. Fyi, Bolling will be visiting Harrisonburg, March 16th.

the valley blue dog

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