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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Tim Kaine wastes ad money on issues that people don't care about

Today in the Augusta Free Press, Tim Kaine says that voters don't care about social issues.
Presumptive Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee Tim Kaine doesn't think Virginians are interested in making their 2005 state elections into political litmus tests on gay marriage and other social issues.

"Issues like that really aren't driving issues for people," Kaine said last week during a campaign stop in Staunton.

"I've put 125,000 miles on my Dodge Dakota pickup truck going all over Virginia since I was inaugurated, and people don't ask me about social issues. They want to talk about jobs, education, economic opportunity and health care. So I'm running a campaign on those things," said Kaine, the state's lieutenant governor.

"The other side is running the social-issues campaign. That's not us. We run on issues that really matter to folks, the bread-and-butter issues. I don't see a clamor of voters Republican, independent or Democrat, to really go on social crusades," Kaine said.
Of course, the Kaine campaign is spending a bunch of money buying ads on religious and small market radio stations.
Kaine's ads will air on religious and small-market stations in the cities' non-metro markets, said Kaine communications director Mo Elleithee. They feature Kaine in a soliloquy about his upbringing, toiling as a youth in his father's small Kansas City ironworking shop and his days as a Roman Catholic missionary to Honduras. "I was taught to be tight with a dollar and watch the bottom line," Kaine says in the spots. "My core values are grounded in the lessons I learned at home and are guided by my faith."
This is yet another example of Tim Kaine trying to pander to his liberal financiers and at the same time try to court the rural vote. He wants to appeal to the 24% of voters who said they were guided by moral issues in the 2004 elections, but doesn't want them to actually consider where he stands on these moral issues.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This isnt surprising at all. Kaine and the rest of the Democrats are trying to play both sides. They appeal to their ultra-left wing base by ignoring social issues important to the average American, but still try to swing (misguided) conservatives by mentioning any social experience they have.

11:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cant believe Kaine mentions he was a Catholic missionary. Kaine is about as Catholic as John Kerry.

2:12 PM

Blogger Old Zach said...

That last comment is really uncalled for. None of us are in a position to judge the depth of another person's faith. Yes, Kaine is trying to play both sides, but there is no place in the political discourse for calling someone's faith into question.

7:41 PM


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