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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

This post brought to you by Cingulatcom

Count me among the people who have been consumed by the AT&T/Cingular/Suncom merger. My problem was that I split my Suncom plan with someone in another state. All Virginia customers of Suncom got switched to Cingular, while the other person on my plan stayed with Suncom.

It took four trips to the Cingular store and about 12 hours to figure out the most economical way to continue cell phone service. My sympathies to the store workers. They've been hung out with very little training and very little ability to give customers anything other than the standard lines.

Cingular has hired security guards to regulate unhappy customers. I kept hoping that I would see them in action, but the Wackenhut man at my location kept his stool anchored firmly to the floor.


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