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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Is Kaine's plan different than Bolling's?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm hard on political reporters. I try to make up for it by pointing out when I think they are being fair.

Two candidates have announced campaign issues that involve property tax relief. Bob Gibson has fairly described the holes in Sen. Bolling's and Lt. Gov. Kaine's plans.

The Norfolk Pilot, on the other hand, manages to find fault only with Sen. Bolling. Given the
criticism from the Virginia Municapal League and the Virginia Association of Counties, one would expect more criticism of Kaine's plan from the op-ed pages. If anyone gubernatorial candidate is channelling Jim Gilmore, it's Tim Kaine.

As an aside, we were having dinner with my grandmother and she said "It sounds like Tim Kaine is trying to pull the same mess Jim Gilmore pulled with the car tax!" Look for grandmother Addison to guestblog at somepoint in the future.


Anonymous Sarah Reynolds said...

We need Emmett Hanger to clean up all that mess! He seems to be the only realistic one in the bunch.

7:09 PM

Blogger patb05 said...

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8:13 PM

Blogger patb05 said...

Emmett Hanger? Only Emmett Hangers website will be notable in this race. Gil Davis and Sean Connaughton are the only two true tax conservatives, and Connaughton has a record to prove it. Bill lacks a low-tax record as Chairman in Hanover.

8:20 PM

Blogger Salt Lick said...

FWIW, the Pilot is owned by Landmark Communications, which also owns the Roanoke Times, a newspaper which has basically become a Democratic Party mouthpiece.

7:58 AM

Anonymous RINO Hunter said...

Patb05, with all due respect: Are you kidding me?

Sean Connaughton a tax conservative?

I hardly see how property tax bills in Prince William skyrocketing over the last 5 years counts as tax conservatism. I also don't see how supporting the 2002 sales tax referenda or Gov Warner's tax plan counts as tax conservatism.

On the other hand, Sen. Bolling's anti-tax record in the Senate seems pretty solid to me. You really can't argue with a record that includes voting against the largest tax increase in Virginia history.

If I'm not mistaken, Sen. Bolling also had bills in this past session that would have finished the phase out of the car tax, eleminated the death tax and the BPOL tax, accellerated the phase out of the food tax, and ended the early payment of sales taxes by businesses.

This coupled with that new tax initiative that would freeze assessments for low and middle income seniors seems to indicate a pretty solid low-tax record to me.

Also, it's just worth noting, I'm pretty certain that Sen. Bolling's the only LG candidate that's signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. If Connaughton were really a serious low-tax guy, wouldn't he sign this as well?

12:14 PM

Anonymous Stuart Pellerito said...

I do not think so.

11:31 AM


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