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Saturday, March 05, 2005

GA curmudgeon retires

Waldo has the details.

I've had the pleasure of eating dinner with Del. Van Yahres, and have, from time to time, been represented by him in the GA.

I disagree with most of his policy objectives, but think that he has had a dedicated career of public service.

The 57th District is reliably Democratic. I don't have any idea who is interested, although I would expect Blake Caravati or Meredith Richards to give it a shot.


Anonymous Waldo Jaquith said...

Meredith may run, but she did fail to be re-elected to City Council last time because she didn't get re-nominated by the party, so she's pretty bruised.

Also quite likely to run are former mayor David Toscano and UVa associate professor & psychologist Peter Sheras.

This is big news in Charlottesville, because Mitch's occupancy of the seat for so long has meant that it's very difficult for talent to graduate up and out of Charlottesville. (On the up side, we've had Mitch as our representative since 1981, which has been fantastic. :)

The wrong person could yield an unnecessary move to the right, or, perhaps worse, another couple of decades of blocking Charlottesville Democrats' route onward and upward. This will be a power struggle, and it'll be ugly.

FWIW, there's 0 chance of a Republican being elected. The district is overwhelmingly Democratic. So all the action will happen in the primary.

12:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

While not being re-nominated is defintiely a check in the negative column for Richards' chances, the fact that she didn't take her independently collected signatures down to the registrar to get on the ballot may be the type of sign of good faith that will give her supporters a chance two win back the rest of the crowd.

5:59 PM

Anonymous Waldo Jaquith said...

To be fair, anybody voting in the nomination convention has to sign an oath that they will not support any candidate other than those nominated. Assuming that Meredith voted in her own nomination convention, it would be, to say the least, terrible form to have run independently. (Violation of a contract would be another way to put it.)

Sure, she could hypothetically have done so, but not only is she too good of a person to do that, but it would have been a political death sentence.

10:30 PM


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