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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Del. Pollard steps down

Del. Al Pollard (D-99) will not seek re-election. In stories by the R-TD and Free Lance-Star, Pollard cites time commitments as the biggest reason he is stepping down.

I knew the gig was up when Pollard spoke so forcefully against the gay marriage amendment.

"This is an issue that needs to be viewed like McCarthyism," Pollard said. "...We are not threatened by gay marriage. We are threatened by our overreaction to it."

Pollard, who was was one of the most liberal delegates from a personal standard, nevertheless voted conservative on many social issues in order to placate his Republican leaning district. His resolution condemning Janet Jackson was one famous example. Pollard's decision to come out of the closet on gay marriage (so to speak) was tantamount to announcing he wouldn't run again.

Possible replacements haven't been identified, but I like Westmoreland CA Richard Stuart. Mark Warner has a farm in the district, so maybe he'll run.


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