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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Creigh Deeds announces

Creigh Deeds made a number of stops today, and the AP had this story.
"With Creigh Deeds, we'll have a crackdown on price gouging by the drug companies who make our medicines and our well-being a profit center instead of an affordable way of life," he said. "We'll take on the insurance companies who deny coverage and put bureaucracy before quality health care."
Addison likes people who refer to themselves in the third person. Addison is going to start doing that on SST. Addison doesn't like undercutting R&D, though.


Blogger Cory Chandler said...

If third person is good enough for Bob Dole, it's good enough for us all.

Well, OK, exceptions for the first-person plural. "Them all" would have been too confusing.

11:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deeds is on the price controls bandwagon. Typical knee jerk reaction of the left.

America makes all the drugs and lets other countries threaten the patents of our companies unless they agree to sell at lower prices.

This is a trade issue-- but that is too complicated for a Democratic stump speech.

8:31 AM


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