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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Councill to retire

Paul Councill, Jr. (D-75) has announced his retirement.

As we pointed out three months ago, Councill was going to get a primary challenge from John Nicholson if he chose to seek re-election.

The article doesn't mention Nicholson, but indicates that Councill's chosen successor is his son Jim Councill.

This, along with Al Pollard's seat, are the TWO BEST CHANCES for pick-ups by the Republicans this fall. The tally currently stands at 60-R, 38-D, and 2-I (both R leans). If we get these two, hold everywhere else, and get a few surprises in swing districts, we could be back around 2001 levels.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The race in the 75th is getting ready to recieve a major shake-up. It will not be won by an (R) M. Warner carried it with 65% and John Kerry with 58%

6:41 PM


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