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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Barnie Day promotes right wing blogs

Barnie Day's new column says that Russ Potts has played his game exactly right.
Surely, this member of the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame, who has made his living as a sports promoter, who has made his living by understanding what the term “underdog” means, and how to hype it, how to leverage it, must have smiled to himself when the imperial highness of Virginia Republican politics, Kate Griffin, the state party chairman, cast him as the ultimate underdog.

Surely he must have sent up a silent prayer, “Keep it up, Lord. Please, keep it up,” when the right wing’s blogger goons went after him for days on end. “Please, Lord, let them keep flinging me into that briar patch,” he must have said.
I don't think Barnie has this thing figured quite right. Still, I like the idea that thousands of RT readers will be looking on-line for some right-wing blogs.


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