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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Should I be looking at a career as a sports promoter?

Has anyone else thought about the fact that the two challengers to Jerry Kilgore for the Republican gubernatorial nomination are sports promoter Russ Potts and sports promoter George Fitch?


Blogger Steve said...

Are you suggesting future candidacies for Don King and Vince McMahon?

6:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comparing George Fitch to a "sports promoter" is like calling Teddy Roosevelt a horse trainer. George Fitch used a little known sport, bobsledding, to capture the imagination and energize the Jamaican people. He has a proven ability to help people learn to think big and to reach for their dreams. He will help restore government in Virginia to the people. He may even get the cynics in our Republican Party to start to think about how we can join together and build a better government that protects our civil liberties and that is more efficient and responsive to the citizens. George Fitch is a man whose dynamic ideas are exactly what we need in this post 911 world. We don't need the Kilgore police state with video cameras on every corner and broadened police powers; we do not need to become more isolated. We need to give our citizens the freedom to achieve their dreams.

11:45 PM


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