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Friday, February 25, 2005

Putting together my analysis of Potts' run

I need some more information, and Russ Potts campaign web page has ZERO issues on it.

Can anyone tell me a single issue on which Russ Potts is to the right of Tim Kaine?

Leave a comment. If you want to say that Potts is an "investor" and that's a conservative value, fine - post it.

The only two things that I can come up with is that Potts wants to reinstate the car tax and raise the gas tax.


Blogger Phil Rodokanakis said...

Potts also wants to significantly increase state spending. Last year he single-handedly proposed new spending programs that would have cost $2.0 billion to implement (see:
"And the Winner Is?"

It's hard for Potts to state any positions on his website when he's always espoused whatever position was convenient at a particular moment. One moment is pro-life, the next he is pro-abortion. Then he's against taxes, but votes to increase them. Will the real Russ Potts please stand up?

11:33 PM

Anonymous Vince Indelicato Jr. said...

Like Russ Potts' "independent Republican" run for governor took anyone by surprise in the district in which he represents...I for one will never vote for the man again. The first strike was when he faced opposition in the Republican primary last election and bought big billboards all over the district reminding all voters that "By law, Virginia Primaries are open to all voters regardless of party identification", virtually inviting district Democrats (who had no primary) to come vote for him. The second strike was his idiotic views on the various tax increases he tried to ramrod through the General Assembly. Now, he decides to pull a "Theodore Roosevelt" and run as an "independent Republican", almost assuredly giving the Governor's Mansion to Tim Kaine?!?

Sorry Russ, I tolerated you in the past because I considered myself a "Yellow Dog" Republican--I would sooner vote for a Yellow Dog like you than vote for a Democrat. Now that you have abandoned the party, you will never get my vote again, not even for Dogcatcher. If you had any real balls, you would have challenged Jerry Kilgore for the party's nomination like George Fitch is doing.

I hope after you lose in the general election you will take the hint and just leave. I know we true Republicans don't want you anymore.

8:55 PM


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