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Monday, February 07, 2005

Noise from the 19th

As a result of our coverage of the potential 19th district HoD race, one of our fans in Botetourt County forwarded me a copy of an editorial from the Fincastle Herald entitled "Not All Botetourt Republicans embrace Smith." Unfortunately, there is no electronic version available so I've reproduced parts of it here.

This well thought out, well written letter comes from Brian Brown, a member of the Buchanan Town Council. Brian states:
It is very interesting that the former Roanoke mayor, so recently removed from his "retirement," would want to move and represent Botetourt and Bedford Counties in Richmond. I for one do not support his quest to become a suitcase candidate.... I doubt I would be discussing his candidacy in Botetourt if the City of Roanoke had a history of supporting Republicans.
This criticism of Smith's political opportunism is one that I have heard from many sources. Essentially, many find it cowardly that Smith would abandon the city he has called home for some time so that he wouldn't have to face the prospect of being beaten in a fair fight.

Brown expounds on this theme later in his letter:
Never did Jefferson and the other founding fathers of our great Commonwealth envision Virginia as a place where we would have politicians move in order to take advantage of the political landscape to gain power.
Republicans have always supported the notion that power should be given to those at the lower levels of government because they know their community's needs. How can we, as Republicans, support someone who is so blatantly striving for power that he thinks he can come into our community and gain support just because he is from the same party?
These sentiments are not uncommon, which is why some party activists are reportedly urging Delegate Putney to remain in his seat for at least two more years, while others are scouring the length and breadth of the 19th district for other potential candidates.


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