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Friday, February 18, 2005

More Signs of the Apocalypse

On the heels of Virginia Tech's historic win over the Duke Blue Devils (I just love saying that), comes the news that Roanoke is getting a Starbucks. The Roanoke Times wonders whether this means that Roanoke is now "hip" or if the coffee chain is just lowering its standards. My favorite quote of the piece is this from Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce Director, Beth Doughty:
Maybe we're almost there, Doughty said. "We get a Williams-Sonoma and a Crate and Barrel and we're done."


Anonymous Salt Lick said...

Actually, Roanoke will not have arrived until it has a newspaper that doesn't read like it's put together by a bunch of high school juniors.

6:23 PM


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