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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Light Moment on House Floor

One of the things that I like about the House of Delegates is the tendancy of some Delegates to resort to humor during debate.

Yesterday, the House passed HB2921 on to its third reading. The bill, proposed by Del. Dick Black, would make sexual orientation a factor in adoption proceedings.

Del. Robert Brink wins a prize for the best gay stereotypes (from the AP):
Del. Robert H. Brink asked how Social Services Department workers would determine whether a couple interested in adopting a child are practicing homosexuals.

"Would they do an inventory of the petitioner's CD collection? If it's mostly show tunes or includes a Judy Garland boxed set, the petitioner's out of business," said Brink, D-Arlington, as House members howled with laughter.

"Or maybe the department could case karaoke night at the local bar. Anybody who performs a Village People song with a little too much enthusiasm would be out of business," he said.

The group's 1970s pop hit, "YMCA," is widely considered a gay anthem.
The R-TD adds this bit of key information:
The assembly's only openly gay member, Del. Adam P. Ebbin, D-Alexandria, said the bill turns investigators into a "new sex police" and volunteered that he does not own a Judy Garland boxed set.
In all seriousness, I don't see the enforcement problems that others see. If this bill is passed, then Virginia Department of Social Services could develop regulations similar to the military's pre-1993 policies.
The statute directs that members of the armed forces shall be separated from the service if they have engaged in homosexual conduct, or indicate that they have a propensity to engage in such conduct by stating that they are homosexual or bisexual. A person who does not engage in that conduct does not fit the
definition of a homosexual, or identify himself accordingly.

Under the pre-Clinton policy as well as the 1993 statute, this logical presumption is
"rebuttable," but only under extremely narrow circumstances.


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