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Thursday, February 10, 2005

It may be small, but it's growin'

In my past coverage of the 19th HoD district, I have mentioned the prevalence of land use issues in the area. The development of Botetourt and Bedford counties are a point of contention for residents who find their communities increasing encroached upon by the growth of areas like Roanoke and Smith Mountain Lake. Today, the Roanoke Times has this article looking at the conflict between the town of Fincastle and Botetourt County over development. While residents of Botetourt may not be keen to find themselves absorbed by the growth of Fincastle's boundaries, it seems the alternative is to be exposed to the ever-expanding reach of Roanoke's suburbs.

The guys over at Bacon's Rebellion talk a lot about these types of development issues that are facing communities all over the Commonwealth. I certainly appreciate their efforts to forge a starting point and framework for such an important discussion. One of the greatest things about Virginia is the wealth of natural beauty stretching from the shores of Accomack, through the plains of Loundon, to the mountains of Lee and Scott. Continued growth is great for Virginia, but not at the cost of God's magnificent creation. I encourage everyone who cares about our Commonwealth to take part in this debate.


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