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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Is Chap Chicken?

The RT-D covers Viola Baskerville's decision not to refile for her House seat. Baskerville is running for the Democratic Lt. Gov. nomination.

Chap Petersen, on the other hand, plans to refile for his House seat, and won't withdraw unless he gets the nomination.

I think that Del. Baskerville probably considers herself to have had a successful public life, and would be satisfied to return to private life. Del. Petersen probably thinks that he has more to accomplish, even if he doesn't win the Lt. Gov. nomination.

But in this business, you never pass up a chance at alliteration.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Chap Petersen campaign is doing some damage control on the recent revelation that his campaign manager was a key figure in the Wisconsin tire slashing scandal. The campaign released the following BS statement:

"Opel Simmons has not been charged with or convicted of anything. In fact, he is assisting the prosecution in their quest to bring the perpetrators to justice regarding the matter in question. We are saddened that there are people who want to talk about rumors and half-truths instead of what is best for Virginia.

Chap Petersen is an honorable, truthful man. He would not have put his faith in Mr. Simmons if he did not think Opel was capable, qualified and had the best interests of Virginia at heart.

Rather than focusing on negatives that are not based in truth, our campaign would much rather focus on what is really important to people in Virginia, i.e. the Virginia we all want; a Virginia that creates and fosters opportunities for all."

Lets analyze this bit of PR spin:

Chap's campaign manager was initially arrested and put in jail in connection with this incident. He was the direct supervisor of the individuals that traveled to a GOP office and destroyed property. He knew of their intention to vandalize the opposition property before they departed. He even provided them with a VEHICLE! Opel Simmons was criminally negligent and obviously mismanaged the Kerry operation in Wisconsin.

This guy is not just negligent, he's a snitch. His testimony will put the son of Democratic congressman and mayor in jail. These individuals were acting on behalf of the Kerry campaign, in a vehicle rented by a manager in the Kerry campaign, with the blessing of a manager of the Kerry campaign to destroy opposition property. He exercised his authority to allow the activity to occur, but he takes no responsibility for the tire slashing. He only tells on everyone else involved. Yah Petersen hired a real class act.

Chap is clearly concerned about opportunity for all Virginians. If his campaign strategy mirrors that of the Kerry Wisconsin operation then tire repairmen everywhere will have plenty of opportunity.

My advice to Chap's opponents: PARK YOUR CAR IN A GARAGE BEFORE THE PRIMARY!!!

3:19 PM


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