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Monday, February 28, 2005

The Academy gets something right

Before Harry has an opportunity to call me a sycophant I'll admit that I can't get enough of the movies. And as anyone who has seen my DVD collection can tell you, I like the bad ones as well as the good ones. Last night, however, was about the good ones and this year I thought the academy got the awards right. Check out all the winners here.

I felt like last year's academy awards tried much too hard to make a political statement by awarding Tim Robbins and Sean Penn. I thought that both Bill Murray and Johnny Depp deserved the award over Penn last year and I found Robbins' performance the least impressive of all of the supporting actor nominees. However, with it being an election year, I guess the academy had its own agenda.

This year, however, I thought that the Oscars went to the actors who deserved them most based on their performances, not based on their politics or skin color. For this reason, I thought last night's show was more important to black actors than the 2002 show that awarded Denzel Washington and Halle Berry. In 2002, I think that the academy felt compelled to award Washington and Berry in order to acknowledge how it had slighted black actors in the past. Jamie Foxx and Morgan Freeman, however, deserved the awards because their performances were the best of the group of nominees. To me, that is a much more important statement about equality.

I was a bit surprised that Million Dollar Baby won both the directon and best picture awards. I did not feel that Million Dollar Baby stood out as clearly the best film among the nominees and I thought that the academy would likely split the direction and best picture awards between Aviator and Million Dollar Baby.

Finally, would someone please get Sean Penn a sense of humor.


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