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Monday, January 17, 2005

Kilgore pinpoints resignation date

Attorney General Jerry Kilgore will resign on February 1st in order to devote all of his time to campaigning for the Governorship.

This move was expected, and resigning during the General Assembly session allows the GA to appoint an interim AG, rather than the governor. Resigning early also frees Kilgore from the statutory prohibition on raising money during the GA session.

Kilgore is the fourth straight AG to seek the Governorship, and the three previous AGs also resigned at some point prior to the election.


The Washington Post is reporting that Deputy Attorney General Judith Jagdmann is the leading candidate to replace Kilgore. Jadgmann is the daughter of Senior Federal Judge (WDVA) Glen Williams. She would be leapfrogging Chief Deputy AG Joseph Carico. Jadgmann may have the inside track because she also worked in the Earley AG's office, and has relationships with a number of Republican legislators. Carico has only been in Richmond for two years.


Blogger Chad said...

My sources tell me that Carico would have gotten the interim AG post, but Carico recently decided that he would also leave the office to join the campaign full-time.

Actually, the plan all along was for Carico to take over. Only recently was it decided otherwise.


12:48 PM


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