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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

AG Kilgore to join major Richmond firm

Jerry Kilgore will be joining the Richmond law firm of Williams Mullen.
"Attorney General Kilgore is an outstanding attorney and a proven leader," said Julious P. Smith, Jr., chairman and chief executive officer of Williams Mullen. "His accomplishments in public office, in the community and in private practice align with Williams Mullen's strategic values and core mission to provide the highest quality legal services to our clients."

Williams Mullen has come on strong in the last few years, particularly in the field of government relations. It is the home of uber-lobbyist Bill Axselle. Republican Attorney General candidate Steve Baril is also a partner at Williams Mullen.

Previous Attorney Generals have also hung their hats at Richmond firms while campaigning.
In 2001, Attorney General Mark Earley joined Troutman Sanders.
In 1997, Attorney General Jim Gilmore joined LeClair Ryan.
In 1993, Attorney General Mary Sue Terry did not join a major firm. However, she was fighting serious charges of patronage legal fees paid to law firms who later became major contributors to her campaign.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the part I don't understand about the Kilgore resignation story. It's one thing to resign to spend full time on the campaign, but why would he join a firm? What will be the expectations in terms of the service/hours he performs for them? Is this "job" a real job (as in is he expected to work a regular 40 hour week?)? Is he doing this as a fall back in case he doesn't win? Is it just a customary thing that we have in VA?

Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks!

10:21 PM

Blogger Addison said...

I don't think that he will be doing much legal work over the next year.

Going to a firm provides Kilgore's family with a subsistence level of support, puts a feather in William Mullen's cap, and speaks (supposedly) to the extent to which Kilgore is respected as a lawyer.

4:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems unlikely that either Kilgore or Baril will lead the firm in billable hours anytime soon. The calculus must be that having a Governor candidate on the letterhead makes the Firm seem important, especially when another partner is running for AG. I always suspect that these things don't really pay off, but looked at non-cynically, it's a way that a large firm like Williams Mullen can contribute to the civic life of the state. It's interesting that at about the same time Kilgore announced this transition, the currently hot candidate for Lt. Governor, Sean Connaughton, announced that he and his firm, Troutman Sanders, had agreed that he would take a leave of absence for the duration of the campaign. This week, Connaughton was reported on Commonwealth Conservative (et al.) to have said he will not resign as Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors unless he is elected Lt. Governor. I don't have any inside info on Kilgore or Baril, but I suspect Connaughton's arrangement with Troutman Sanders is more like what those other guys are doing with Williams Mullen than they have stated. Another aside is that Troutman is where Mark Earley went when he resigned as AG. I guess we all should be glad these big firms are doing well enough to subsidize our political life.

10:56 PM

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