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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Will he or won't he?

Rumblings about Russ Potts' potential bid for Governor continue to emanate from the hills of Frederick County. Today's Winchester Star covers the latest rumor, which has the State Senator leaving the GOP and running as an independent.

Potts, who was a lead supporter of Governor Warner's massive tax increases in the last legislative session, is already a source of constant vexation on the part of conservatives. If ol' Russ wants to strike out on his own and blaze a trail for his so-called "principles,"then I say more power to him. But why delay his announcement until after the session?

Obviously, Sen. Potts is more interested in using the threat of a candidacy to milk favors from the Republican leadership than he is in actually leading himself. It is interesting though, that Sen. Potts only seems to let his principles get in the way when it doesn't affect his Committee chairmanship.


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