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Friday, December 17, 2004

Cash Moves Everything Around Me...

I can always tell how close we are to the end of a financial reporting cycle by how many campaign solicitations I receive. I've been asked twice in the last four days. Everyone is looking to pad their numbers before the period closes.

Virginia's next reporting cycle ends on December 31st, and the reports are due on January 15th. Here at Sic Semper, we will break down the numbers, but here's where we are by way of background.

As you can see, the Republican downticket candidates are pursuing a strategy of mutually assured destruction, while the Democrats are in a period of detente. Unlike Virginia Conservative, I don't think you can take any cross-party lessons away from the disparate numbers. The Democrats probably have less money to waste on the primary season, and are pooling their resources for the general elections.

December 31st is also the reporting deadline for Virginia political committees. We will get our first look at the money behind the previously mentioned Leadership for Virginia. Also expect a big report from Virginia Conservative Action PAC - fresh off G. Gordon Liddy and Ann Coulter fundraisers. We'll find out who put money into the $2 million Warner birthday bash for OneVirginia.

Other political committees to look for include the Speaker's Dominion Leadership Trust and the pro-tax Foundation for Virginia.


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